Staff Nurse Jobs Opportunity and Nursing Career Guidance for ANM GNM B Sc M Sc

Staff Nurse

Staff Nurse Jobs Opportunity and  Nursing Career Guidance for ANM GNM B Sc M Sc

Introduction of Nursing

Nursing is a blend of Art and Science it needs to be geared to meet the on going health care needs of Clients in the changing environment of advancing technology and rapid scientific progress. In this Endeavour, Staff Nurse continuously strive to provide the best Nursing Care and education to the students Unemployed registered Nurses on academic environment brings in the continuous process of bearing and updating one self and others.

Nurse Definition

A person who is qualified in the Nursing art and Science and Meets certain prescribed standard,
of Nursing education, Clinical Competence, Should be registered with Nursing and Midwifery Nursing

Nursing Definition

Nursing is Call to Service Profession Concerned with the Nursing Diagnosis and Health Care of Humans
response to actual and potential Health care problems

Staff Nurse Definition

Staff Nurse the title and position accorded to a registered Nurse Who is working as a permanent member of staff of a Hospital,The Following Opportunity Available for Staff Nurse

1. Hospital Nursing Services,
2. School of Nursing Services,
3. College of Nursing Services,
4. Occupational Nursing Services,
5. Community Health Nursing Services,

1. Staff Nurse Careers at Hospital Nursing Services,

Staff Nurse,
Jr. Nursing Officer,
Nursing officer,
Critical Car Nurse,
Ambulance Nurse,
Patient Care Executive,
Ward Sister or Charge Nurse,
Head Nurse
Deputy Nursing Superintendent,
Clinical Nurse Specialist,
Nursing Superintendent,
Assistant Nursing Superintendent,

2. Teaching Faculty Opportunities at School of Nursing Services,

Nursing Tutor,
Sister Tutor,
Clinical Instructor,
Assistant Nursing Lecturer,
Nursing Lecturer,

3. Teaching Faculty jobs at College of Nursing Services,

Nursing Tutor,
Jr. Nursing Lecturer,
Senior Nursing Lecturer,
Associate Professor,
Professor in Nursing,
Vice Principal,
4. Nursing jobs at Occupational Nursing Services,
Occupational Nurse,
Health Educator,
Nursing Researcher,
Occupational Therapy
5. Nursing Recruitment at Community Health Nursing Services,

Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery,
Multi Purpose Health Worker,
Community Health Nurse,
Public Health Nurse,
Community Nurse Practice,
Community Nurse Midwifery Nurse Practitioner,

How to Become  a Registered Nurse – Staff Nurse

Steps to becoming Staff Nurse Career Requirements in Nursing education have variety of Nursing Programs for Nursing Students ,

It Includes Variety of  certificate Course, Diploma Courses, Nursing  Associated Degrees, Post Graduate Courses Offered by Universities and Nursing Colleges,

Chose an Nursing Education Programs

According to your Previous Education Status, With a Career path in your Mind, Nursing Students Can Choose appropriate Nursing Education Program,

Types of Nursing Programs

  1. ANM – Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery, (MPHW)
  2. GNM – Diploma in General Nursing,
  3. Post Basic B. Sc Nursing,
  4. B Sc Nursing,
  5. M. Sc Nursing,
  6. Ph.D in Nursing


Auxiliiary Nursing Midwifery r Multi Purpose Health Worker Diploma Course Duration 18 months Certificate Course, In 10+2 Level Vocational Courses are available for after 10th Standard

Eligibility: 10, 10+2,
Course Duration: 18 Months, Two years,

GNM – Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery

Eligibility: 10+2 with any Group,MPHW,
Course Duration: Three Years six Months,

Post Basic B. Sc Nursing

Eligibility: 10+2, GNM,
Course Duration:Two years,

B.Sc Nursing 4YDC Graduate Nursing Program.
Eligibility: 10+2 with Biological Science,

Course Duration: Four years,

M.Sc Nursing Post Graduation Program
Eligibility: B.Sc Nursing,

Duration of Course: Two years,

Ph.D Program

Eligibility: M.Sc Nursing,

Duration of Course: Two years,

Syllabus for Nursing  Recuitment and Education

  1. Anatomy,
  2.  Physiology,
  3. Bio Chemistry,
  4. Micro Biology,
  5. Nutrition,
  6. Psychology,
  7. Fundamental of Nursing,
  8. English
  9. Medical and Surgical Nursing,
  10. Pharmacology,
  11. Genetics,
  12. Pathology,
  13. Sociology,
  14. Mental Health Nursing,
  15. Introduction in to Computer,
  16. Community Health Nursing,
  17. Communication and Educational Technology,
  18. Child Health Nursing,
  19. Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing,
  20. Nursing Research and Statistics,
  21. Management of Nursing Services and Education,

Get Nursing License

All Nursing Students after completion of Nursing Course require to get Licensed from their Nursing and Midwifery Council before starting Nursing job, and Renew periodically

Staff Nurse Job Description

Staff Nurse have Variety of  job Functions that includes treating Common illness, First Aid, Assist Doctors During Physical Examination,  Assisting in Emergency Clinical Care Procedures, Monitoring of Patient Condition, Follow up Care,

Direct Patient Care

1. Admits and discharges the patient..
2. Maintains personal hygiene and comforts of the patient.
3.Attends to the nutritional needs of the patient, pre- pares invalid’s diet and feeds helpless patients.
4.Maintains clean and safe environment for the patients.
5.Implements and maintains ward policies and routines.
6.Co-ordinates patient care with various health team members.
7.Follows doctors’ rounds.

Technical and Clinical Skills Required for Staff Nurse job

Staff Nurse Performs technical task, e.g. administration of medication,assisting doctors in various medical procedures, preparing articles and the patient for medical or Nursing procedures, recording vital signs, tube feeding, giving enema, bowel wash dressing, stomach wash, eye and ear care, collection and sending of specimens, pre-and post-operative care. Assists in administration of transfusion, perineal care, breast care, baby care, etc.

Staff Nurse Helps doctors in diagnosis and treatment.
1. Maintains intake and output chart.
2. Observes change in-patient’s condition and records, takes necessary action and reports to the concerned authority.
3. Imparts health education to the patient and his/her family.
4. Accompanies very ill patients sent to other departments or transferred to other institutions.
5. Ward Management

Hands over and takes over the patient and ward equipment and supply.
1. Keeps the Ward neat and tidy.
2. Maintains safety of the ward equipment.
3. Prepares and checks ward supplies.
4. Assists Ward Supervisor/Sister in ward management and officiates in her/his absence. Assists in taking inventories.
5. Supervises students and other junior Nursing personnel working with her/him.
6. Maintains ward record and reports assigned to her/ him by the sister in charge.
Other Educational Functions
1. Participates in clinical teaching both planned and incidental.
2. Teaches and guides domestic staff.
3. Helps in the orientation of new staff.
4. Participates in staff education programme.
5. Guides student Nurses.

Types of Nursing Recruitment’s according to Nursing Education 

  1. ANM Jobs,
  2. GNM Jobs,
  3. B. Sc Nursing jobs,
  4. M. Sc Nursing Jobs,
  5. Ph.D Nursing jobs

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